E-learning creation for international companies

Do you want to turn your specialist topics into interactive e-learning courses?

As specialists in e-learning consulting, design and e-learning creation, we can help you, success-critical knowledge or company-specific skills as effectively and impressively as a memorable story.

Our core competence is to prepare complex business-critical topics for e-learning content in such an effective way that they convey knowledge effectively and sustainably. Whether development-oriented personnel measures or digital employee training, our individually created e-learning courses can convey a very wide range of topics.

This includes e-learning for:

  • Product training
  • Process declarations
  • Sales training
  • Onboarding processes
  • Personnel development measures
  • Management programs
  • IT guidelines,
  • Software launches
  • Compliance requirements
  • and much more.
Determining the learning topics and the learning concept

Such a conversion to digital content form requires tried and tested advicethe didactic conception and a contemporary e-learning creation. To start with the e-learning production, our e-learning developers use the script previously written in the conception phase (storyboard) and its didactic and visual specifications for the e-learning design.

Turning specialist topics into digital learning experiences

Online learning content is particularly memorable if it is job-relevant, easy to understand and directly applicable. We create customized individual content that fulfils all these aspects and ensures a high level of employee identification and motivation during the learning process.  

In view of our clearly defined production process, our customers benefit in particular from regular review phases to involve their stakeholders in the various development phases. Our tried-and-tested workflow also ensures that our team of diverse e-learning experts can fully incorporate their know-how into the high-quality e-learning design. With the ideal tool and media mix, our design and development team creates any learning activity from the script.

The following learning activities can be used:

  • Tasks or assignments
  • downloadable handouts
  • animated explanatory videos
  • Short learning nuggets or learning nuggets
  • fun quizzes and knowledge tests
  • Software or model simulations
  • individualized certificates
  • Scenario-based learning games
  • and much more.
Team produces the e-learning design

With regard to our 20th anniversary, it is no less important to know that, as an e-learning provider, we have always been able to gain experience in the implementation of less industry-standard learning objectives, user groups or system restrictions. It is precisely this flexibility, among other things, that has enabled us to support numerous regular customers over the long term in outsourcing the creation of digital learning content and and course programs. 

Creating e-learning content: 5 proven authoring tools

No matter which authoring tool you may use as standard in your company, we orient ourselves to your specifications. This is because it makes particular sense to use our tool flexibility in your favor and thus remain within your software portfolio. This makes it easier for you to maintain the e-learning developed by us beyond the end of the project and protects your agency and tool independence. Our average customer loyalty of eight years is based solely on satisfaction and not on dependencies.

There are now many providers of authoring tools of different sizes, technical approaches and levels of recognition on the market. If you have not yet made a long-term decision on a suitable provider, our authoring tool advice can be helpful for you in advance. We focus on five particularly established options. 

The authoring tools frequently used by our customers include

Portfolio of authoring tools for our e-learning creation

Would you like to know where the strengths and weaknesses of the individual tools lie? Then read our comprehensive authoring tool comparisonto get an overview of the industry and its providers for your own e-learning creation.

Targeted e-learning design

For the creation of e-learning, it is not only the content concept with its didactic means that is decisive, but also the practical implementation of the e-learning concept in the form of attractive and target-oriented e-learning. We will now show you which aspects play a special role in the development and design of individual content.


Emotion refers to the ability to motivate and engage learners by addressing their emotional perceptions. The more learners can identify with the course look, style and choice of words, the more likely they are to feel engaged by the learning content. Finally, the ideal mediation of learning activities results in a high degree of company-related and personally perceived relevance of the learning objectives, methods and examples.


The visuals of an e-learning course comprise the selected media, motifs, placements and sequences of all visually perceptible content. A regular change of media then ensures the necessary variety and constant maintenance of the learner's attention. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. No less impressive, animated moving images make an even more significant impression on the course participant. A combination of these factors helps learners to better understand and apply the content.


Interactivity ensures that learners are given an active role in the learning process, for example by having to make decisions or carry out tasks. Only if the newly taught learning content is linked to challenging questions will there be a certain seriousness and motivation in the knowledge assessment. A playful design of individual course elements with points, ranking lists, badges etc . has amotivating effect on the commitment of the participants.

The advantages at a glance

E-learning creation with Mauth.CC

Sophisticated methodology

As a specialist for digital learning and e-learning in companies, we offer you a methodology that has been tried and tested in many projects to develop easy-to-understand learning experiences with a high degree of interactivity from knowledge about your company's processes, products and systems.

Reliability and creativity

Mauth.CC is characterized by reliability and delivery reliability, an extremely consistent approach to the development and creation of e-learning courses and a high degree of creativity and flexibility in didactic design.

Familiar authoring tools

We develop with the tools that you also use in your company. These include, for example, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring or FLOWSPARKS. If you have not yet defined a standard authoring tool for yourself, we will be happy to advise you on your choice.

Do you have questions about e-learning creation?

Then contact one of our e-learning experts personally by phone or email and find out more about a potential collaboration with our agency!

Managing Director Dr. Michael R. Kinville

Dr. Michael R. Kinville