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The digital transformation is changing the way we work and learn. Corporate structures are opening up and new ones are emerging, blurring the boundaries between working and learning.

This requires new forms of learning that help companies to support employees in their development, make knowledge available across company boundaries and integrate learning into everyday working life.

Experience e-learning in a new way

In close cooperation with our customers, we plan and develop interactive learning contentWe design learning processes that are individually tailored to the respective company and take their organization forward. With our service for the development of company-specific digital learning applications, our customers' specialist topics become sustainable learning experiences that activate employees and anchor knowledge in the long term. Learners are encouraged to actively engage with the learning content and acquire new knowledge.

By means of e-learning consulting for suitable conception & creation

Every learning company is unique. Whether size, industry, business area, employee structure, degree of digitization or background experience in e-learning - our e-learning agency masters the full program and picks up its customers exactly where they are or where they need to act. We show you the possibilities.

Or are you still missing a powerful authoring tool? Then we will be happy to advise you on the right authoring tool selection. We will help you to get to the heart of learning content in a didactically clever and formally accurate way or to realize exciting content and video projects.

Demographic change and the significant changes are proof of this. The time is ripe for the digitalization of training and further education processes in your company, as this study, among others, impressively suggests.

How does strategic and tactical e-learning consulting differ from operational implementation?

Strategic e-learning consulting refers to the planning and development of needs-based e-learning approaches that are aligned with the company's long-term goals. It includes analyzing the company's needs with a 360° view, identifying learning objectives and developing the e-learning strategy to achieve these objectives. Tactical e-learning consulting refers to the implementation of strategies into concrete measures. It includes the selection of technologies, the development of content and the implementation of learning programs. Operational implementation refers to the execution of learning programs and the monitoring of results. It includes the training of employees, the administration of learning platforms and the evaluation of learning outcomes.

Our 3-point check in the e-learning analysis:

In order to make the learning process as effective and appealing as possible, there are a variety of different types of learning modules to choose from. Intelligence and creativity are of great importance to ensure that the learning content is firmly anchored in the memory - precisely covered by our outstanding 3-point check as part of our first-class e-learning consulting.

3-point check in e-learning consulting at Mauth.CC

To ensure that e-learning successfully achieves its learning objectives, certain key points need to be carefully considered and successfully ticked off. These include a tailored focus on the target groupTarget group... , the creation of an emotionally engaging learning environmentA and a clear didactic focus. The targeted implementation of these elements can ensure that e-learning is not only effective, but also achieves lasting positive learning success.

An original, surprising or even playful presentation of the learning content can undoubtedly help to make the learning process not only more enjoyable, but also much more effective. With learning modules that build on each other and are coordinated in a timely manner, you can not only achieve your learning goals, but also ensure long-term and sustainable learning success.

The consulting entry with the e-learning agency Mauth.CC

These services are always free of charge for you.

Our e-learning consulting has a method

Discussion about the appropriate e-learning strategy

The successful cooperation with our customers is based on proven methodology:


We immerse ourselves in your topics and objectives to understand what you want to achieve with your learning program. Based on this, we develop the right learning approach - for the best possible performance.


Bringing together effective learning experiences requires a broad range of skills. We combine extensive editorial experience with expertise in digital learning methods and a deep and creative understanding of how to create effective learning experiences.


Our clients decide which authoring tools we work with to bring their learning content to life. Rest assured: The e-learning modules are the intellectual property of your company, and you retain all rights to your content once we deliver it.

By taking a holistic approach and considering the requirements of a wide range of user groups, we guarantee a high level of acceptance and user satisfaction. As your long-term consultant, we are your reliable partner and accompany you through every step of the e-learning process. 

Rely on an experienced team with over 20 years of experience that ensures quality at all stages of the process.
We attach great importance to fair, friendly and qualified cooperation. We are happy to support you to increase the success of your digital learning.


FAQ on e-learning consulting

Why is advice important?

Consulting is important to help companies optimize their training and education programs through the use of digital technologies. This can help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning process and better qualify employees.

How can I benefit from a consultation for our e-learning?

You can benefit from our advice by receiving customized learning solutions that meet your specific requirements and objectives. Professional advice can help you optimize your e-learning strategy and make your training processes more effective.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning refers to a teaching and learning method that combines both traditional face-to-face events and digital learning content. This combination can help to create an effective and holistic learning experience.

What role does e-learning play in today's business world?

E-learning is playing an increasingly important role in today's business world. It enables companies to train and qualify their employees more efficiently and cost-effectively. It also enables employees to learn flexibly and expand their knowledge anytime and anywhere.

What is the deciding factor as to whether the digital learning content should be purchased, rented or created in-house?

An important factor is the company's objectives. If the company has specific learning objectives that cannot be achieved through existing learning content, it may make more sense to create your own learning content. Another important factor is time. Creating your own learning content can be time consuming and requires specialized skills and resources. If the company does not have the necessary resources or if time is short, it may make more sense to buy or rent existing learning content. Another factor is the quality of the learning content. If the company wants to ensure that the learning content is up to date and created by experts in the field, it may make more sense to have learning content created. 

Why is sound expertise in e-learning consulting important?

Sound expertise is important in e-learning consulting to ensure that the learning solutions developed are effective and sustainable. Optimal implementation can only be guaranteed with sound knowledge of the various e-learning concepts, strategies and tools.

What role does individual design play in e-learning?

A: Customization plays an important role in e-learning as learning methods can be adapted to the specific needs, goals and learning styles of participants. This helps to create an effective and personalized learning experience.

What role does strategic planning play in e-learning creation?

A: Strategic planning plays a central role in e-learning production, as it ensures that the learning solutions developed fit in with the overall corporate objectives. Strategic planning makes it possible to select the right content, methods and tools and to optimize the learning process.

How do I plan my e-learning project effectively?

Here are some steps you should consider when planning your e-learning project:

  1. Define your goals.
  2. Identify your target group.
  3. Develop a project plan.
  4. Design the content.
  5. Choose the right technology.
  6. Create the course.
  7. Implement the e-learning.
  8. Evaluate the e-learning measure.

What resources do I need for an e-learning project?

You need various resources for an e-learning project, such as time, money, employees and technology. The exact resources you need will depend on the specific requirements of your project. 

How can I make use of your support?

Contact us and make an appointment for a consultation. Our experts will analyze your requirements immediately and will be happy to offer you a tailor-made solution.

Do you have questions about e-learning?

Feel free to contact us!

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Dr. Michael R. Kinville