Discover with Mauth.CC how we can turn your vision of first-class e-learning into reality. As an experienced e-learning agency, we take care of the entire creation of your customized learning courses. You tell us your specific requirements and goals, and our team translates them into effective learning content using the most advanced AI-based tools. Learning content um.

Experience meets innovation

With over 20 years' experience in e-learning, we not only understand the importance of effective learning content, but also how to deliver it using the latest technological tools. Our team of e-learning experts and technical specialists work hand in hand to ensure your educational content is modern, relevant and, above all, effective. We use AI tools to analyze large amounts of data to identify best practices to increase your company's efficiency.


  • Complete project takeover: You tell us what you need and we take care of the rest - from conception to completion.

  • Individual AI-supported learning solutions: Our AI options offer customization of content to meet the exact needs of your target group are tailored.

  • Cost efficiency through technology: Use our AI-powered processes to make the most of your budget while delivering outstanding learning experiences

technology-driven e-learning design


Cutting-edge content for e-learning
  • Didactically sophisticated: We make sure that every learning program is not only informative, but also educationally valuable.

  • Dynamic and interactive: Our courses are designed to maximize learner engagement through interactive and adaptive elements.

  • Visually appealing: High-quality graphics and animations make our courses not only educational, but also visually impressive.


The choice between a real speaker and text-to-speech technology depends on the level of authenticity and personalization you prefer for your learning content. Real speakers offer a human touch, which can be particularly important when conveying emotional content or subtle nuances in communication. Text-to-speech options, on the other hand, offer flexibility and cost-efficiency, especially when content is frequently updated or required in many languages. Modern TTS systems are now very advanced and deliver voice output that comes close to human speech.

Professional translators guarantee the accuracy and cultural relevance of your learning content, which can be crucial to avoid misunderstandings in important or sensitive subject areas. Machine translation, on the other hand, offers a quick and cost-effective solution for less critical content or when a preliminary translation is sufficient. However, AI-powered machine translation systems have improved significantly and can be a viable option for many general training purposes, especially when combined with human post-editing.

While professional video shoots deliver authentic, high-quality video content that can build a strong personal connection with the viewer, AI-based avatar videos offer a flexible and often more cost-effective alternative. This technology enables the rapid production of consistently high quality videos that can be easily adapted to changed content or new language versions without the need to reshoot.

Professional photo shoots offer the highest quality images, with the ability to capture specific situations, people or scenarios exactly as you want them. AI-based photo creation technologies, on the other hand, can quickly generate a wide range of high-quality images that are ideal for scalable projects where time and cost factors play a role.

Professional graphic designers can create customized, brand-specific designs that are tailored to the exact needs of your target audience. AI-based graphic creation tools, on the other hand, can efficiently generate a variety of graphics and infographics, which is especially useful when you need to respond quickly to changing data or content. These tools use advanced algorithms to create visually appealing and data-driven graphics.

Traditional video re-recording for each language variant ensures the highest quality and cultural appropriateness, but can be time-consuming and costly. AI-based video localization, on the other hand, makes it possible to efficiently translate existing videos into multiple languages, with synchronization of lip movements and voices that resemble the original speakers. This significantly reduces costs and production time while providing a natural viewing and listening experience.


Tools of the AI options

Our AI-powered tools, such as neural machine translation and generative pretrained transformers, enable us to create content that is not only accurate and relevant, but also culturally appropriate and linguistically fluent. With technologies such as automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech, we improve the accessibility and interactivity of our courses so that learners can learn effectively regardless of their language abilities or learning preferences.

Neural machine translation (NMT)

NMT uses deep neural networks to translate texts from one language to another. It captures the essence of languages by training on large data sets and learning not only vocabulary and grammar, but also context and cultural nuances. Because translation analyzes sentences as a whole, this process allows us to achieve translations that are more fluent and accurate than ever before. 

Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT)

These models take in a huge corpus of text data to learn language patterns, grammar, context and even style. When given a prompt, they generate text that closely resembles human writing. The underlying transformer architecture allows them to take into account the entire context of a text, making them exceptionally good at producing coherent and contextual content.

Computer creativity in the visual arts 

This is artificial intelligence that generates visual content such as images or art from text descriptions or by learning from a dataset of existing artworks. These models understand the relationships between words and visual elements and convert text input into detailed images by mapping descriptions to visual concepts learned during training. 

Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

ASR technology converts spoken language into text by analyzing audio signals. It includes complex models that can recognize phonemes, understand vocabulary and syntax and distinguish speech in different accents, tones and states. This technology bridges the gap between human speech and digital text, enabling voice-driven applications and services. 

Synthetic media generation for video 

In this approach, AI is used to generate video content and create realistic videos that can range from synthetic speakers to complex scenes. It combines techniques from the fields of computer vision, natural language and generative models to produce videos whose elements can be generated by the AI (e.g. the appearance of characters, their speech and actions).

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

TTS technology synthesizes spoken language from written text. It understands the text (including language, punctuation and context) and generates audio that mimics human speech, including intonation, emotion and natural pauses. Deep learning models are trained on hours of spoken language to generate a variety of speaking styles and voices. 

These categories represent the cutting edge of AI in interpreting and generating human language, visual content and bridging the gap between human communication methods and digital representation. Each of these categories utilizes deep learning and neural networks in unique ways to mimic, augment or enhance human capabilities in creating and understanding content. 


Beyond pure consulting - your partner for e-learning

At Mauth.CC, we are more than just your consultants - we are your partner to guide you through the entire e-learning development process. We share our deep understanding of technology and didacticsto show you not only what is possible, but also how you can achieve your learning goals efficiently and effectively with our customized, AI-powered e-learning solutions.

Our expertise spans across various platforms and technologies that are available to provide you with the best learning solutions. Our AI-based tools use advanced algorithms to improve and optimize the learning content provided to your organization. These tools allow us to analyze large amounts of data and generate engaging graphics and interactive learning modules that are specifically tailored to your needs.

With our holistic approach, we not only use AI to generate texts, but also to tackle tasks that conventional methods cannot solve efficiently. AI learns from interactions and continuously improves, enabling us to dynamically adapt and optimize learning content to the changing needs of your business. This leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of your training programs.

By using artificial intelligence, including technologies such as Microsoft 365 CoPilot and generative AI, we can not only accelerate learning processes, but also increase the quality of educational experiences. Our goal is to create innovative learning solutions that require minimal effort for you as a customer while achieving maximum learning effects.

At Mauth.CC, your educational goals are our priority, and we strive to achieve them with cutting-edge technology and pedagogical expertise. Together, let's take your e-learning projects to the next level and create real, measurable success in your organization.

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