Reach your goal faster: e-learning creation with the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool

The FLOWSPARKS authoring tool gives you access to a huge pool of professional of professional learning templates and ready-made course concepts.

As an e-learning agency, we have been creating cutting-edge learning experiences for 20 years, which you can use directly in practice and quickly and easily reproduce yourself if required.

Problems that every personnel developer or trainer is familiar with

Do you know this? It's that time again. You need to create a new e-learning course for your employees ... but you simply don't have the time or patience to spend hours on the conception of learning content?

As a dedicated employee in the HR, training or e-learning department, you really want to do a good job - but you don't know where to start.

Defining learning objectives, developing concepts, creating designs... it all takes far too long, doesn't it?

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Conception of e-learning
Creation of e-learning with Flowsparks

Produce professional online learning content like on an assembly line

Would you also like to create a unique learning experience that both the participants and your company will be raving about for days afterwards?

Then standard "off-the-shelf" training content is not enough. You need e-learning that touches your employees emotionally and is tailored to your company.

We establish an intelligent learning concept in your company and show you how you can quickly and easily maintain the content yourself. Find out more now.

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What if you had access to a huge selection of suitable learning templates at any time?

No matter for which subject area you want to create professional e-learning courses,
FLOWSPARKS serves you the optimal learning format as if on a silver platter!

Your subject areas

Our learning formats

FLOWSPARKS is the ideal authoring tool for your existing LMS!
And if you don't have an LMS yet, our optional LMS module is also available for you.

How to generate your own e-learning at the touch of a button

It's very simple. All you have to do is ...
Analysis of training needs


Determine the training requirements

Selection of the Flowsparks learning template


Select the learning template

Upload learning content


Add your content and media

First-class learner experience


And the new learning content is ready

With FLOWSPARKS you do not create an arbitrary online training course ...

... but you get a tried and tested e-learning strategy that pays off economically for your company!

How does a collaboration with us work?

1. development of a customized learning concept

In the first step, we advise you on the selection of the right learning templates for you. Based on your learning objectives, we develop a media didactic concept and create an initial learning module for you that will serve as a template for many other projects.

We make sure that the use of media and your learning objectives are coordinated and that you are able to achieve your goals with FLOWSPARKS you can quickly produce high-quality e-learning courses yourself. From start to finish, you will have a personal contact person at your side to help you with the complete implementation of your own projects.

Determining the learning topics and the learning concept
Team produces the e-learning design

2. creation of your professional e-learning

With FLOWSPARKS, you apply tried-and-tested methods that are also used by other larger companies in your sector.

With the help of FLOWSPARKS, you automatically prepare complex topics in an easy and understandable way so that they appeal to the "head and gut" and make learning even difficult content fun.

3. easy technical implementation

Regardless of which authoring tool you currently use: With FLOWSPARKS, you can produce more and better content at a professional level with less effort.

The primary advantage is that every employee in your company can quickly and easily produce and adapt the content themselves at any time. Learning content you have already created with other authoring tools learning content can be used 1:1 in FLOWSPARKS.

Easier creation of e-learning with the authoring tool

8 advantages that speak in favor of the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool



Boring training courses demotivate your employees - exciting e-learning, on the other hand, boosts their performance.

1:1 support

We take you by the hand from conceptualization to the creation of your first e-learning course.

Measurable results

You create e-learning courses that are economically worthwhile for your company.


The modern learning formats ensure an optimal learning experience on any end device.

Less effort

You save time and produce (even) better learning content at the same time.


FLOWSPARKS uses modern media didactics for greater learning success.


Regardless of which authoring tool you are currently using, you can continue to use the content you have already created.

Practical support

If you don't have time or other things are more important, we will take care of the entire implementation for you!

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