E-Learning Consulting for Companies

Every organization is unique. Whatever the size, industry, business field, employee structure, degree of digitalization or experience background in e-learning – Mauth.CC masters the full program and puts itself on the same page as its customers exactly where they are or where they need to become active. Are you looking for e-learning consulting to find the best solution for you in conception and creation?


We will show you the possibilities. Or is what you lack a powerful authoring tool? Then you absolutely have to get to know FLOWSPARKS. We help you to deliver poignant learning content or to bring to life exciting content & video projects.

Our 3-Point Check

In order to make the learning process as attractive and efficient as possible, different types of learning modules are available. To ensure that learning content sticks, intelligence and creativity are required. And our 3-point check:

Is the content relevant for the target group?
Does it have an emotional quality as well as an informative one?
Are they in line with the work processes which should be trained?

An imaginative, surprising or even playful presentation of the content can make the learning process more effective. By introducing structured and appealing modules, your organization will achieve its learning goals and sustain learning success.

E-Learning Consulting

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The key to our success

Our successful collaboration with our customers is based on proven methodology


We dive head first into your topics and objectives to understand what you want to achieve with your learning program. Based on this, we develop the appropriate learning approach – for the best possible results.


Bringing together effective learning experiences requires a broad range of skills. We combine extensive editorial experience with expertise in digital learning methods and a deep and creative understanding of how to craft effective learning experiences.


Our clients decide which authoring tools we should work with to bring their learning content to life. Rest assured: The e-learning modules are your company’s intellectual property, and you retain all rights to your content once we deliver it.

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