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Transforming an obligation into an interactive learning experience. Creating sustainable learning experiences out of specialist topics.

As an agency for DIGITAL LEARNING, Mauth.CC offers agency and consulting services to sustainably improve learning and knowledge transfer in internationally operating companies through e-learning. Our vision is to bring LEARNING AND WORK together.

Digital transformation is changing the way we work and learn. Corporate structures are opening up and new ones are emerging, the boundaries between working and learning are blurring. This requires new forms of learning that help companies accompany employees in their development, provide knowledge across company boundaries, and integrate learning into everyday work.


As an agency for digital learning, Mauth.CC offers agency and consulting services with the aim of sustainably improving learning and knowledge transfer in internationally operating companies with the help of e-learning. In close cooperation with our customers, we plan and develop interactive learning content that is individually tailored to the respective company and design learning processes that move their organization forward. With our service for the development of company-specific digital learning applications, our customers’ specialist topics become sustainable learning experiences that activate employees and anchor knowledge in the long term. Learners are encouraged to actively engage with the learning content and acquire new knowledge.


With over 15 years of expertise as a full-service agency, Mauth.CC offers you a wide range of different implementation and consulting packages in the areas of learning content development, learning management systems and microlearning. In doing so, we distinguish ourselves through great reliability and delivery dependability, an exceptionally consistent approach to implementation as well as a high degree of creativity in didactic conception. With our services and products, we guarantee digital learning systems that are individually tailored to your requirements. We strive for close and intensive cooperation with our customers and see ourselves as consultants at eye level for the introduction and further development of e-learning, especially in international companies.


Turn your employees into fans of digital learning. Benefit from our extensive expertise in the preparation of business-relevant learning content with different authoring tools as well as the combination of didactic and technical competence in e-learning. Equipped with a deep understanding of our customers’ business goals and an interdisciplinary team of consultants, developers and experts in media didactics, we design learning processes that drive your business forward.

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An authoring tool is a software for creating multimedia e-learning courses without the need for programming skills. Different media content can be integrated, e.g. text, images/graphics, video, audio, animation or interactive graphics. In addition, most authoring tools offer the possibility to embed different question types, such as multiple/single choice, drag & drop or cloze texts. It is also possible with some tools to incorporate individual feedback after the questions have been answered, depending on the answer. All common authoring tools support the SCORM format (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), an XML-based standard that ensures that e-learning courses and learning platforms (LMS) communicate smoothly with each other.

That depends on your requirements. Depending on the type of content you want to implement and how you collaborate on development as a team, different systems are suitable. When choosing, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to benefit from didactically well thought-out templates (e.g. for quizzes) and thus save time during development, or would you rather flexibly develop your own learning formats?
  • Do you need a structured media library in which you can manage images, documents and videos?
  • Is the simulation of processes and workflows in software systems important (screen recording)?
  • How important is the mobile learning experience and true responsiveness for your target groups?
  • Do you have a lot of PowerPoint presentations that you want to use as source material for e-learning courses?
  • In how many languages do you want to develop your learning content?
  • How important is an intuitive user interface for your authors?

Learning management systems (LMS) were developed to support learning processes in e-learning, distribute learning content to users, and manage learning materials. The core functions of an LMS include communication and management of learning content, coordination of courses, and assessment of learners. At the same time, an LMS can be fully integrated into the digital workplace and learning can thus become part of daily work processes.

Ideally, an e-learning agency is not just a service provider, but a partner who works with you to achieve your goals. Pay attention to how the partner adapts its services to your individual requirements, whether you can also talk to the partner at eye level professionally and didactically, and at the same time, how standardized e.g. quality assurance processes are.

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