Content Creation

Want to transform dry, technical topics into enduringly effective learning experiences?

As specialists for e-learning consulting, e-learning design and e-learning content development, we use storytelling to help you convey critical knowledge or industry-specific skills to the right people at the right time.

Our core competence is to prepare complex business-critical topics for e-learning applications in such a way that they convey knowledge effectively and sustainably. This includes learning programs for new products and technologies, sales and marketing, new IT systems and business processes, compliance and awareness training, and to support strategy and re-organization projects. We help you convey business-critical knowledge as effectively and excitingly as possible.

Turning specialist knowledge into digital learning experiences

Learning content is retained especially well if it is job-relevant, easy to apply and emotionally palpable.

We develop and create customer-oriented e-learning content according to clearly defined processes. Regular review phases unburden your experts and accelerate the development process. Our workflow involves all stakeholders and offers our customers insight and options at all times. This results in learning modules andd programs that meet and even exceed our customers’ requirements and support their business goals.

The right authoring tools for the task

We can use whichever authoring tool your company prefers. The most frequently used authoring tools among our customers are:

Targeted "Learning Tools"

When it comes to creating e-learning content, it's not just the WHAT that matters, but also the HOW:


Conveys factual knowledge in a playful, game-like way and is well-suited for practical applications (for example, using a new product). (Learning time approx. 15 min.).


Creates an awareness of how to deal with a complex topic (for example, IT security), conveys the necessary conceptual knowledge and motivates learners to adopt new behaviors. (Learning time approx. 30 min.).


Trains comprehensive knowledge about concepts and actions, activates prior knowledge and anchors new knowledge in such a way that it can be confidently applied in complex application cases (for example, sales situations). (Learning time approx. 45 min.).

Your Advantages at a Glance

E-Learning Content Creation with Mauth.CC

Effective Methodology

As specialists for digital training content and e-learning in companies, we offer you a proven methodology for transforming your company’s knowledge about processes, products and systems into easily understandable learning nuggets, modules and programs.

Creativity and Reliability

Mauth.CC is characterized by reliability, an exceptionally consistent approach to the development and creation of e-learnings, and a high degree of creativity when it comes to instructional design.

Development with Your Tools

We work with the tools that you also use in your company. These include, for example, FlowSparks, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, iSpring or Composica. If you have not yet decided on an authoring tool for creating e-learning, we will be happy to advise you on the selection.

Questions about e-learning content creation?

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