E-learning history: a historical perspective

Woman reflects on the history of e-learning.

In just a few decades, e-learning technology has opened up whole new worlds of educational opportunities. From providing learning opportunities in even the most remote locations to virtual reality (VR) in the classroom and artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized learning, new technologies are changing the way we educate students and giving educators [...]

E-learning - what is it? An overview of advantages & possibilities

Definition of e-learning

Definition, advantages and possibilities of e-learning The term e-learning (or e-learning) means electronic learning or electronically supported learning, i.e. the use of technology to provide educational or training material. It is a method that supplements or even replaces the traditional classroom through the use of digital media and tools. Advantages of e-learning [...]

How do you write e-learning?

How do you write e-learning?

The digital age has fundamentally changed the way we learn. Instead of relying solely on books and lectures as we used to, we now have countless online resources and learning formats at our disposal. We are certainly all familiar with the term "e-learning". But how do you actually spell this word correctly? And why are there different [...]

Digitalization of training and further education: e-learning boom due to corona

Digitalization of training and further education E-learning boom due to corona

The coronavirus crisis as an e-learning opportunity The coronavirus crisis has presented many companies and educational institutions with challenges, but it has also offered a unique opportunity to embrace new and innovative ideas. Since then, the digitalization of training and further education has become increasingly important. This development opens up an opportunity for e-learning platforms and digital learning offerings, such as webinars or online courses, to [...]