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We transform complex topics into uniquely effective learning experiences

As a specialist agency for e-learning and digital learning processes, we design and create high-quality learning experiences for your employees and customers.

Learning content as unique as your organization

Modern companies require interactive learning content to convey knowledge in a comprehensible way and to engage with employees and customers emotionally.

This is the only way to ensure that learners internalize the knowledge they have gained efficiently and sustainably, an important step in making sure the knowledge is transferred to action.

We help you build and design digital training content that meets and even exceeds your requirements and inspires your employees and customers.

Our services at a glance

Our primary goal: that your e-learnings ensure the success of your training and education measures.

E-Learning Consulting

During our consultations, you get exactly the clarity you need. Thanks to our many years of experience from over 700 customer projects, we know what is important when creating high-quality learning applications.

We will show you how the most successful companies in Germany champion training measures and how you can expand your employees' knowledge in a targeted manner in a short time and guarantee knowledge retention.

E-learning Conception

In line with your learning objectives, we develop an instructional design concept that combines effective learning strategies and multimedia experiences.

Our e-learnings present complex technical topics in a simple and comprehensible way and combine dry factual topics with an emotional touch so that the content is firmly anchored in the minds of your employees. We work according to established didactic principles and find the right creative approach for you.

E-Learning Creation

Upon request, we can take over the complete creation of your learning applications for you. This means you can focus fully & completely on your day-to-day business, while we take care of both the development of the learning content and the technical implementation in your learning management system.

You can be sure that we can handle complex content just as well as prickly technical issues. We work exclusively with the most modern authoring tools, all of which are used by renowned customers.

Our e-learnings are ideally suited for...

Creating crash courses and onboarding new employees

Explaining products and more complex services

Introducing new processes or new software

Training customers

Outlining compliance and work instructions

Upskilling sales teams

This is how a collaboration with us works

We proceed according to a tried and true 3-step system that has been proven to work in practice.

Step 1


Hinter jeder erfolgreichen Lernanwendung steckt ein intelligentes Konzept. Als Grundlage legen wir im Vorfeld Ihre Lernziele fest.

Step 2

Storyboard Creation

Based on this, we develop an individual storyboard with a dynamic and convincing thread for your e-learning.

Step 3


During creation, we develop the content for you and transform it graphically and editorially in the form of suitable learning formats .

Discover our case studies

Schenker AG

Theory and practice combined to form a unique learning experience

Point of departure:

Schenker AG introduced new processes for handling contracts with its customers as well as the contract logistics delivery method and needed a means to thoroughly train its employees on the nuts and bolts of the processes.


Mauth.CC developed a series of 4 learning modules using FLOWSPARKS and interactive explainer videos.

Linking the new processes to the learners’ work context facilitated understanding and speedy implementation in daily practice.


Through this customized learning experience, Schenker was able to offer its employees a series of easily digestible modules that effectively embedded these processes throughout the organization, resulting in greater process confidence and adherence.

Abbott Medical GmbH

Creation of an interactive knowledge and training portal for customers

Point of departure:

Abbott Medical GmbH was looking for innovative ways to systematically train their customers in the use of their products.

In addition, the company no longer wanted to document participation results with Excel.


Mauth.CC developed an easily accessible customer portal based on FLOWSPARKS, created a structure of different knowledge levels and filled said structure with e-learning activities and existing materials in different formats (PowerPoints, PDFs, on-demand webinars).


Die Abbott Medical GmbH ist nun imstande, ihre Kunden nahtlos in der Anwendung ihrer wissensintensiven Produkte mithilfe von klaren Lernpfaden zu schulen und Kundenschulungsinitiativen auch ohne die Unterstützung von Excel zu verwalten. Außerdem wurde sie in die Lage versetzt, ihre eigenen professionellen E-Learning Module zu erstellen.

Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH

High learning engagement and increased customer satisfaction through interactive e-learnings

Point of departure:

Deutsche Sparkassen Verlag GmbH was looking for a partner to create a series of e-learning modules on digital topics aimed at employees and consumers.


Mauth.CC developed a series of e-learning modules under the “Digital Now” brand and ensured high emotional engagement and rapid knowledge transfer through a variety of interactions.


The series of e-learning modules has been regularly expanded and now consists of a total of 18 e-learning modules covering various aspects of digitalization. In this way, bank-specific and general knowledge related to this topic was successfully delivered to employees and customers.

About Mauth.CC

With 15 years of experience and over 700 completed projects, Mauth.CC provides you with exactly the expertise you need.

As a specialist agency for digital learning content, we have specialized in one subject area – and we know it inside and out!

We see ourselves as “consultants at eye level” and strive for a close and familiar cooperation with our customers.

It is precisely this unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge and a healthy dose of friendly professionalism that our customers value.

Our location

We are located in Erkrath (right next to Düsseldorf) in the beautiful state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

From here, our 15-person team provides daily support to our customers in the development of professional online training courses.