Agile Microlearning

Adaptive learning drives success


Consolidate knowledge with short mobile learning units


Proficiency means being able to access one’s knowledge and skills at any moment. To achieve this, digital learning must adapt to the learner, not the other way around. The agile microlearning approach recognizes that expecting people to acquire a large amount of knowledge at once leads to knowledge gaps and an inefficient learning process. Therefore, in agile microlearning, content is taught in short daily learning units. The learning content is repeated over a period of several weeks so that the knowledge is consolidated.

The overall time required is less, but the learning effect is significantly higher due to the repetitive learning. In agile microlearning, learning content can be easily added and updated and tailored to the personal qualification goals of individual employees or groups of employees through individual learning paths (adaptivity).



When learners consistently, confidently and reliably master their knowledge on a given topic, learning content is automatically expanded or the difficulty level increases. Individually, the agile Mircolearning system adapts to learners’ knowledge levels, eliminating knowledge gaps. Integrated analytics allow administrators to track learner performance and confidence.

This helps measure knowledge levels, track progress toward their goals, and ensure learners aren’t wasting their time on content they already know. Personalized training enables choice: Learners can choose when and on what device they want to learn, or whether they want to complete a two-minute session or practice longer. Administrators and managers can choose the skill target best suited to the learner’s role and job description. Personalization encourages engagement and ensures they learn only what is relevant to them.


In traditional e-learning courses, learners often complete the training after just one run. However, it is generally not enough for learners to engage with a topic just once. The way to achieve true “mastery” (mastery) is through focused and repeated learning. In two minutes a day over a period of two to three weeks, anyone can achieve their personal skill goal. Your participants no longer need to schedule time for training. Instead, two minutes of microlearning per day becomes part of their daily work routine.

The 3 Pillars of Adaptive Microlearning

Offer your employees short learning activities that ensure sustainable learning success!


Content in small units that motivate learners.

Adaptive Training

Algorithms that understand each learner’s knowledge gaps.

Regular Repetition Learning

2-3 minute sessions to reinforce the training.

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