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Speed and flexibility are the top priorities for you when creating learning media? Then FLOWSPARKS is the right authoring tool for you. Whether you are taking your first steps or have years of experience in e-learning production, with FLOWSPARKS you can achieve more with less effort. The cloud-based authoring tool makes it possible to implement sophisticated learning concepts quickly, flexibly and without prior knowledge of media didactics. At the same time, FLOWSPARKS provides a scalable learning environment for internal and external target groups – even without an additional learning management system (LMS).


FLOWSPARKS works with didactically prepared templates. These are categorized as learning formats, learning templates and course programs and shine with graphic pre-structuring. The high didactic quality paired with a modern look & feel increase the acceptance of digital learning in your company. Furthermore, the responsiveness of the created content ensures a uniform and consistent learning experience on different devices. Thanks to the intuitive user interface of FLOWSPARKS, even subject matter experts can create, maintain or correct content at any time. This demonstrably reduces the costs of in-house e-learning production.

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Engine for Efficient E-Learning Production

FLOWSPARKS combines a learning control center with a content management system (CMS). It enables:

With just a few clicks, you can create didactically high-quality and visually appealing training courses. This is ensured by an extensive selection of media-didactically optimized learning templates, each with clearly assigned learning objectives and graphic pre-structuring. Existing content – including SCORM files from other authoring tools – can be flexibly combined with new content to expand your learning concepts at any time. In this way, you can keep your learning content up to date with little effort. This makes FLOWSPARKS a powerful engine for your e-learning production.

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