Time travel: Mauth.CC at the LEARNTEC

A few insights into twelve years of the e-learning trade fair

Join us on our journey through time on the pulse of the times with LEARNTEC

If you want to successfully establish yourself on the market as a small e-learning agency, you cannot do without a reliable marketing strategy. For several years now, the centerpiece of this strategy has been exhibiting at the largest industry trade fair in the German-speaking metropolitan area - LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe.

This cornerstone has given us constant access to the latest industry trends and market movements on the one hand. On the other hand, we also have the opportunity to talk to the heads of international companies every year and refer to our unique expertise and market positioning.

First participation and early years

Mauth.CC took part in LEARNTEC for the first time in 2012. Since then, the company has established itself as an integral part of the trade fair and built up important partnerships on the product and service side. In the years that followed, we were able to work alongside former partners such as the learning management system LMS365 or the authoring tool Composica, gain recognition and successfully position their brands in the DACH region.

Mauth.CC at the LEARNTEC 2019

Alexander Iliasa (Sales):

"I first visited LEARNTEC in 2019 as part of my application to Mauth.CC. At the time, I applied as a sales consultant for the individual projects and learning management systems divisions. As I came from a different industry, I gratefully accepted the founder's offer to visit the team at the trade fair.

I was overwhelmed by the large crowds at the trade fair, the numerous providers and the positive drive of everyone involved. By the time I arrived at the Mauth.CC stand, I had already half accepted. After our conversation, it was straight down to business and the world of e-learning became my new home."

Developments and new partnerships

Since 2021, Mauth.CC has been cooperating with FLOWSPARKS, the provider of a cloud-based authoring tool. This cooperation was quickly expanded to include participation at LEARNTEC and resulted in numerous discussions with curious managers from personnel development and product and customer training at numerous large companies. The international, agile and innovative DNA of our partner fits perfectly with our approach from over 20 years of constant evolution in e-learning creation.

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Lenia Vennes (Customer Success)

"My journey as an e-learning consultant at Mauth.CC began in 2020. In 2022, the time had finally come: I had the opportunity to take part in LEARNTEC with our team and was thus able to gain my first experience of exhibiting at a trade fair.

The beginning was exciting, of course - but I quickly realized what an advantage a trade fair offers: face-to-face offers a much more intensive opportunity to exchange ideas with potential customers. Not only did I really enjoy it, but it was also fascinating to see what new L&D trends were shaping the industry at the time and where the focus was actually heading.

Lenia Vennes at the Learntec 2022 with Mauth.CC


Mauth.CC's presence at this trade fair has changed and expanded over the years. Bit by bit, we have been able to work our way up the hall plan and visually reinforce it with more attractive stand designs. More than ever, the current focus is on consulting, conception, creation and localization of interactive learning content with a practiced eye on company-specific needs. Visitors to the Mauth.CC stand can expect innovative e-learning solutions and an insight into the future of digital learning. In particular, the integration of artificial intelligence into these processes is now the focus of every one of our talks. With the help of our expertise, we support AI integration both in e-learning departments that produce their own content and in the traditional agency business of contract production.

Mauth.CC at the LEARNTEC 2023

Dr. Michael R. Kinville (Managing Director)

"In 2023, I had the pleasure of exhibiting at LEARNTEC for the third time. We presented ourselves again with our authoring tool partner FLOWSPARKS and our expertise in e-learning services.

In retrospect, the breakthrough of AI stood out for me there. As an agency, we had already been working on this topic for several months and had already taken our first steps. The potential of artificial intelligence in the creation of e-learning came up in what felt like every third conversation. Spurred on by these new impulses, we then strategically introduced AI into our repertoire. I'm looking forward to the inspirations to come from this exciting event."

Invitation to this year's stand

Visit us at our stand at LEARNTEC in June to experience our latest products and services. We will show you tried-and-tested course examples, advanced process steps and attractive learning perspectives directly on site. If you do not yet have a visitor ticket, you will find the button to request a ticket from us a little further up. We have a certain number of free tickets available here. See you soon.

Team Mauth.CC